Welcome to my lovely little bloggity blog! I plan to write about my  AUDacious life: my kids, maybe a little about my job, and lots and lots about my favorite things: cooking, crafting, health/fitness, travelling, and words words words words words! I LOVE words: in English! in French! in Latin! But, I’m not so much a fan of grammar so, that might annoy you… or it might not. I don’t care. :p

First up, meet the kiddos! These precious little crotch fruits drive me insane on the reg. They also fill my heart and life with overwhelming joy. Life with them is hilarious… and stressful… and hilarious again.

C is fabulous!

C is 18 months, all girly girl princess, but MUST do everything her big brother does. I try not to let her rule the roost, but she melts us all into big puddles of love goop with her big, twinkley, blue eyes and adorable dimples. She especially has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, which is a feat I am *almost* jealous of. I just have to teach her to use her powers of cuteness for good and not evil. 😉





K is so cool.



K is 5, a dare-devil, a sweetheart, and the funniest guy I know. He is 100% Ginger and has the attitude that goes with that fiery red hair. He calls it “ornjin” (orange). He has a speech impediment but that does not slow him down one teeny tiny bit, not his mouth and certainly not his body! He goes non-stop from the crack of dawn until bedtime. He cracks me up on a daily basis, even when he’s infuriating me, I have to stop and laugh at some of the crazy, absurd situations we’ve gotten into. Since he was born, my life has had more meaning and purpose than I ever could have imagined.