I’m back! Maybe… For a little bit….. maybe just this once!

It has seriously been over a year since I posted anything public. (I wrote quite a few private posts) I’ve had a lot going on and since this blog is about audaciously loving and living my life, this last year was hard to blog openly about. I didn’t want to contradict myself or vent or rant or anything. So, I’ll just say that I did live and love my life. But dealt with some seriously hard, seriously heavy stuff. But you know what? I survived it all. I grew from it, my kids and husband grew from it, and I think, no…. I know we are all better because we survived and thrived through adversity.

I don’t know if it’s an original Disney quote or if someone else said it first (and honestly I don’t feel like Googling it at the moment) but in Mulan they say “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” I am that flower. But you know, I don’t think it’s all that rare to bloom in adversity. Anyone can…. if they make up their minds to BE POSITIVE, to HAVE FAITH, to trust in what they BELIEVE in, and to just HOLD ON and know that one day, the rain clouds will disappear and they will see the sunshine again. That’s what got me through. I knew in my heart and soul that everything would be RIGHT again. Life wouldn’t ever be the same as it was before our challenges, WE would never be the same people, the same family, but we could be better if we just held on to what was right, did the right things, and had faith. And now, life is still challenging. It will never be easy or fair. But  God, karma, the universe, the force…. whatever you want to call it… always creates a balance. The pendulum will always swing back your way. Just be ready to catch it and hang on for an amazing ride!

I hope to be back again soon. A year is too long to keep my written voice quiet. 😀

Love xoxo