Car convo #4013:
Kael: “hey Mommy, school gets in the way of us being together and doing fun stuff with you and Daddy. So what if school wasn’t real?”
Me: “well buddy, even if school wasn’t real daddy and I would still be at work”
Kael: “but what if school and work and money weren’t real? Then we could all just be together. What would that be?”
Me: “Camping. That would be camping.”
Kael: “oooooh, but that’s a lot of work.”

I’m glad he remembered on his own that we work for money. I’m also kind of glad that he gets that school and work and money don’t have to be “real”. Those things are only as important as we give them power to be. Hello, post apocalyptic barter system! The Daniel family is prepped!

#crazyisntparttime #consciousparenting