You know those memes or Internet “feel good” type things you see that talk about depression and how one of the things they almost always say is “be proud that you’ve made it out of bed”? Well, it’s really true. I don’t usually go so deep or open up quite *this* much (although I am a chronic over sharer)…
but seriously, if you know someone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, ptsd, secondary ptsd (ptsd spouses and family members), or any other mental health issue, and if your own mental health boat is well afloat then reach out to them, because you never know when they might be drowning.

Today was overall a good day. I got out of bed. I got stuff done around the house and most importantly spent real, good quality time with my kids. It was nothing phenomenal, but after the string of weeks I’ve been having it was triumphant. If this post resonates with you, because you’ve been feeling the same way, reach out to your friends and family. They may not understand what you are going through, but they love you and want you to be healthy. Healthy is possible. Wellness is attainable. I have to keep reminding myself of this, but I do know it is absolutely true. ❤️✌️XO