To record for future time hops and facebook memories: this evening on the way home Kael said, “I wonder what God looks like, like in real life.” And so I told him that some people believe that God made men in His Image and that the first and perfect man, Adam, could have looked like God. Then he wondered if we could find his family so we would know what exactly He looked like, so I explained that some people believe that all men and women are decedents of Adam and he said “Everyone, even black people?!” So, I tried to think of a way to easily and concisely explain genetic evolution and melanin and ancestry…. And I was getting nowhere so I just said “it’s complicated” and he said “well, maybe his wife was black, so their kids were all colors.” So, that made me really proud of him. At first, I was freaked out that he even mentioned race and only mentioned that and not religious differences or cultural differences… But then again, he’s not been directly exposed to many different cultures or religions. And then, too, I was really proud that his conclusion was simply that two races could love each other and populate the whole world, and that the complex answer I was thinking of really wasn’t necessary.

After that, he asked what Adam’s last name was, since everyone has a last name and i told him I just didn’t know the answer to that but that our last name, Daniel, is a Biblical name, meaning it’s in the Bible. And he said, “wow, so will we always be rich and famous?!” I asked how he thought we were rich and famous, to which he replied “well, Daniel is in the Bible so that makes us famous, right?”
Lol. His sweet musings. I am amazed that he is such a seeker of Higher Power at such a young age.