Today, I had to work much later than usual. Kael got to have an after school play date with AJ, his bestie; and Tula got to have a play date with her best friends, Molly & Logan. On the drive to pick up Tula, Kael started singing along to Vance Joy’s “Fire and The Flood”, which totally surprised me, as he normally does not sing in the car. But, he caught the lyrics and melody pretty quickly and sang really well! I complimented him on his singing and he said he wrote a song that he wanted to share with me. It went “Feed the darkness, give it power! Feed the darkness, give it power! If you don’t, IT WILL HAUNT YOU!” And he had a real melody and kept time, so I just assumed he had heard this song somewhere. I asked him and he said he made it up and it’s about dark energy demons and how they feed and grow from fear. And, that he needs some friends to play the drums and another friend to play the guitar, and he would play the other guitar and sing. Clearly, I have a young metalhead!!!! I haven’t told Matt yet, but he will be so proud!!!