My Zen thoughts of the week have all been haikus and quotes like “A poem has secrets that the poet knows nothing of.” That wasn’t extremely helpful this week when the ultra stressful thing happened. But, it was ok because I realized, yet again, I have an amazing, strong, loving supportive sisterhood of friends. Alicia wore my tears on her shoulder like a badge of honor. Katelyn & Audrey let me talk it out until the middle of the night. Mindy is there every day with a smile, hug, and warm word, and usually a few laughs, too. I am so lucky to have such amazing women in my life everyday who love and care for my broken heart and still tell me I’m wonderful in my brokenness. Thank you, friends, I love you!!!

Also, today is my last day of “work” and I am soooooo happy to be turning my files in! SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!