I totally see the difference in Kael and Tula relating to how we parented them, primarily how I parented them. With Kael I did things the way I was raised to do them, and just did the best I could. But, after learning so much about Montessori and peace education and positive discipline I have really shifted my thinking and approach as a parent. Kael is conditioned to follow rules and obey, without questioning, and it really makes me sad and worried about him. I am now trying to recondition him and thankfully, we are quickly approaching a new plane of development, a new sensitive period in his life, where he will begin to naturally question and rebel, so hopefully my change in approach to how I parent will be impact full in reshaping the way he views “authority”. Did I just say I’m looking forward to the teenage years?! Yes!!

Peaceful Parenting Part 2, by Voluntary Japan