I’m just not feeling my Zen thought of the day today. Accepting that is Zen enough for me in this moment.

So. Here are my random thoughts of the day while I watched the sun go down from my front porch…

I could live in a hotel with only a coffee pot and a paper cup… Audrey proved my theory! Science and physics for the win!

If I catch David spraying my garden with herbicide again I’m going to choke him into submission with the garden hose. It takes 3 years minimum for that stuff to leech out of the soil… My organic garden in ruined for 3 years! 😣😭 Bright side, my herbs, roses, caladiums, camelias, and gardenias were not sprayed.

My neighbors planted a weeping willow for me while I was in Costa Rica, just because I’d mentioned I wanted one. Its taller than me already and I love it so much. They are such wonderful people. ❤

Tigers don’t change their stripes… But lions aren’t tigers. I need to learn to recognize the differences so I can stop being a neurotic, freaked out house cat and grow into the lionness inside me. Vaguebooking…lolz

I have the best friends. This isn’t a random thought, but a fact I contemplate daily. Seriously, The Best. Your love is golden. My IMA fam… ILY. Mags, KG, AComp, Minds. You are the best damn tribe I can imagine. Thanks for loving me for me. Ditto.

The righteous path is hard on kids who are used to living an ultra comfy life. They are learning slowly but surely. Also, being their teacher is going to be hard, but amazing this year. Kael and I had a “come to” meeting on the office today. Being a momma is damn tough. Being a momma and their teacher… Wow…. I’m an over-acheiver, y’all.

And lastly, I’m not going to sleep tonight….Too much to do to prepare for Open House tomorrow night. I love all the kids and parents in my class… Yes, all of them. But having to talk in front of ALL of them stresses me out to no end. Circle time is a throat chakra exercise for me every dang day. 🙊🙊🙊

The life of YES. Its not always sunshine and roses, rock shows and grown up girl slumber parties. Its also Yes to owning your shit…Yep, sometimes its mine. Yes to being yourself, even on the not so great days. Yes to my roommates cat ate… Something…and my friends and housekeepers learned a little too much about me while I was on vacay. And it is allllllright. It is right. It is yes. It is Life. Funny. Beautiful. Fucked up. Sunsets from the front porch. Laundry that never ends.

Catch y’all on the flip side… XO.