Not Zen, because I’ve been all wrapped up in William Faulkner’s words, and politics, and feelings lately… what a strange mix in my mind during zazen this morning. No chill. No mindfulness, just mind fullness. And this:

“She was bored. She loved, had capacity to love, for love, to give and accept love. Only she tried twice and failed twice to find somebody not just strong enough to deserve it, earn it, match it, but even brave enough to accept it.” – William Faulkner, The Town

And my Zen thought… Ahhhh, fuck it today. There’s zen in here somewhere but not in my thoughts.

If I were a CareBear my belly badge would be a pink and black nautical star.

Solar atomic fusion,
Mingling hope and despair,
The escaping ultraviolet
From the blackening crust.

Be light, my lovelies, and the darkness will soon be over.