Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated and awed by whales, especially blue whales. I could never fathom the size of dinosaurs or elephants without comparing them to blue whales. (I had a book that had drawing comparing each dinosaur to a blue whale, it was amazing!) I was aware of the Save the Whales campaign and so I’d notice any time a book had pictures of blue whales and make a note in my young mental library: “This is what they look like. They still exist. They aren’t extinct yet, but they could be, remember them!! Remember them!”

And through the efforts of activists and conservationists all over the world, blue whales are no longer *critically* endangered, although they are still plenty low in numbers compared to preindustrial whaling days. I remember reading when I was in 4th or 5th grade that numbers of blue whales world wide was estimated to be at <500. Now, there are over 10,000 (some estimates say as many as 25,000!)


I stumbled across this photo on reddit just a moment ago and it made my heart jump a little. I’ve been so focused on human failings, on politics, on the feeble and feckless people “in power” that I completely lost sight of these wonderful, most magickal, and magnificent of all creatures and that they still exist. We haven’t killed them off, they are rebounding! I needed their light today and now I need to share it.


The good is still here. It still exists. Remember it, see it, share it. Don’t let your light and your goodness go extinct. We cannot fight ignorance and hatred with hatred, only with love and light. Share your love and light whenever and wherever you can. 💖💖💖

Can you even imagine what they say in their songs? They are the loudest things on our planet, louder than jet engines by 50 decibels. I think their songs must indeed reach the heavens and harmonize with the stars. 💖💫💖