“Insomnia is such a weird thing”, I think, as I lay listening to the creaking, muffled sounds of my world at repose.

I hear the fan softly spinning, an occasional sigh or rustle from my sleeping babes, and my own slow, calm breath as I read, write, and ponder our miraculous, shared existence.

I wonder about each of you, the people that matter in my life. I hope you are resting peacefully, if that is what you need; or that you are in the presence or arms of someone who treasures your light; or that you are surrounded by friends and filled to the brim with vitality and joy.

A distant hum pulls my attention outside my happy little airy fairy lair. I wonder about the vehicles that I can hear on the highway: who is driving, are they alone, where are they going? I hope they arrive safely. There are so many strangers in the world, friends I won’t ever meet, but I hope they are happy and loved, and have joy and peace in their lives.

Profound gratitude fills me as I think of the people I love and how I am so loved in return.

In the passage of a year,
spent more alone but less lonely,
I have learned to love the self
who was within me Always
and grown to be the warm,
comforting light I’ve always sought.

Love life and live it. 💫💖💫