Swift exit from the rat race lane,
Entering fantasy land
Living the dream.
Leaving the cash comfort zone
With a broken home
Fall into the feather bed
On some princess and the pea shit
A hallucinating scream trip
Have to sleep on my side
wrapped around the pain.
Sleep on my back
And the feel the knife coming up
From under the sheets.
Partners in life
Being partners should be the crime
Trust no one, daddy says
Not even me. Trust no one.
Gaslit and blown the fuck up
Skin thick as cast iron
Skin bulletproof like Kevlar
Mean girls gossipy lips
Meme boys talk shit
I walk away with 8%
Back to that rat race
Save my pretty face
Back to 6 figures
And my slim figure,
My cute personal trainers
Living a life thats a lie
Killing the earth for 2G’s a week
Ayahuasca didnt say shit
About being weak
Strong as an eagle
Soar like a red hawk
Get the fuck out if here
with your mean girl talk