A bird on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking, because she knows the power of her wings.

I’ve been angry before, but I used that anger to fuel me to keep pushing and not quit before the end.

I’ve been hungry before, but used that hunger to drive me to a situation that would truly nourish me.

I’ve been alone before, and I’ve used that loneliness to seek the ones who would speak my language, shelter me, and restore my heart.

I’ve been embattled before, but I’ve learned what battles to fight and which ones to leave. I’ve learned strategies to survive and thrive.

This is no different except that have learned that although I may lose “everything”, I will never lose myself. Everything is nothing.

I’ve taken a leap of faith. I’ve crashed. I’ve failed. I’ve learned and I’m still learning. People who choose to climb high and take big risks, we fall far and we fall hard, but I still have my wings and my power.