I took my kids to work today and decided since we would be spending most the day driving to select a book I thought we would all enjoy listening to. Since Kael had liked the parts of Hillbilly Elegy that he’d heard, I chose to introduce them to To Kill A Mockingbird, read by Sissy Spacek.

Once we got home, they asked if we could keep listening inside and so we are. Lovely Sissy, an over cast afternoon, and laying in the living room drawing and discussing the interesting and hard to understand parts.

They’ve never heard the n word before and didn’t understand why Scout was so upset. As I explained, Tula piped up and said, we love Tihra and Miss Kristen, would someone call us that? And I said, if they do, just like Atticus says, it doesn’t hurt us, it only shows the poor character of that person; and reminded them that hurt people hurt people.

As I scrolled through Facebook, I saw some horrible things are happening in Virginia. It is a damn shame that people are still so small of mind and heart to not accept each person for their merit and character and ignore their outward appearance. Also, that someone would have so little self respect and compassion that they would try to hurt someone for love, either for who they or the other loves. I dont believe in sins, in the biblical sense, but if ever there is a universal wrong, it is condemning someone for what they love. Love is magical and special. Where it exists in this cruel world, it should only be nurtured and not disparaged.

I dont have a Zen thought today except what came to me yesterday during an especially difficult moment: Love is a special kind of magic and where it exists we should all be grateful.