Good morning! Now that this cute baby sloth has your attention, please remember:

You woke up this morning! That is something to be thankful for!
You can access the internet, have electricity, clean water, food, probably air conditioning, a roof over your head…. All things to be thankful for!
You can see, and probably hear, and feel and smell. Can you imagine the world without one of your senses? Be so thankful you have them.
Most of my friends live in first world countries. Some live in developing countries. Those are definitely things to be thankful for.

The news and the way a small slice of humanity acts gets me down quite a bit. I was talking with my dad last night about why people can just be so ugly to each other sometimes. We weren’t talking politics, but interpersonal relationships and that is what

politics really is, when you boil it down. I don’t understand it, but the only thing I can imagine is that it starts from being ungrateful for all the tremendous gifts life has given them, having a feeling of scarcity on a world of abundance. Hate can’t live in a grateful and thankful heart. I feel so sorry for those people. If they can move so many of us with their negative energy, we can surely move them with our positive energy. Practice compassion for those who are lost in the blinding fog of hatred. Practice gratitude to keep your heart from getting pulled too low. And remember…. There are still so many sloths to see in the world.

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