Last night, doing math homework, which is frustratingly boring for Kael….

Me: ok! you’re almost done, just three more problems!
K: I can’t do this any more! Here’s the answer, I just can’t do it their way! (Distributive multiplication)
Me: yes, you can! Its just like the multiplication checkerboard, they just didnt call it the multiplication checkerboard. (I illustrate the problem, 29816Γ—7, as on the MC, the Montessori way) see, distributive multiplication is exactly like writing out your checkerboard problems.
K: but i learned that in THIRD GRADE. I can do this in my head and just give the answer! Its easier! I can’t do this. I’m. Rage. Quitting.
Me: you cannot rage quit homework.
K: crying, scribbles on a random paper, rips it up, then closes his eyes and starts taking deep breaths.
K: (calmly) I’m going to rage quit 5th grade and just be a digimon designer.
Me: (thinking: Kid, before you can do that you’re going to have to earn some fiat to buy bitcoins.) πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„