I’ve been writing this book for 3 years now, but only seriously for about 9 months. It’s a memoir of my life. I feel so conflicted about writing a “memoir”. I’m nobody special or important so why would anyone care? But, people do tell me often that my life has been stranger than fiction and I’ve certainly learned a hell of a lot along the way. It’s had it’s entertaining moments for sure.

I’ve hit a mental block though. 2015. 2015 was so hard that I’ve blocked most of it out. The bits and pieces I can recall are a blur of stress and worry and completely devoid of joy and peace. I’ve had darker times but those at least brought things to light when the darkness passed. I sometimes feel like I’m still trying to sort out what happened in 2015, and why, and what I can possibly make good from it. It’s just a grey haze in my memory.

So, my real first Crazy Isn’t Part Time post isn’t actually this intro, but the next post, which happened in 2016. I hope you can bear with me as I work through all these events and organize them into what I hope will be an entertaining, enlightening little bit of my story.