The previous timeline gets you up to the point where the action starts, but I think the uninitiated need some background on Ayahuasca itself, or herself, if you are into giving human character to inanimate things.

My ex-husband was at the time suffering from PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, and TBI. I was also struggling with C-PTSD, depression, and anxiety. It would be easy to say, and I wish it were true, that all my problems were because of him. They weren’t, they were just exacerbated by his condition. I did not fully realize and accept that for quite some time. It is amazing how our minds craft defense mechanisms to preserve the ideals and conditioned beliefs we construct.

He had heard about Ayahuasca and this particular documentary from Joe Rogan and a guest named Graham Hancock. Mr. Hancock is a writer and believer in psychedelic therapies to treat mental illnesses.  Writing this out now sounds so ridiculous. We took medical advice from Joe Rogan, for chrissakes. We first really learned about Ayahuasca from the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Crazy really was NOT part time at that point.

But, he had been in 4 different hospitals and rehab facilities and was not any better. He’d had a stellate ganglion injection twice, which involves injecting anesthetics into the stellate ganglion to block information from the sympathetic nervous system going to the brain. The first SGB had immediate and profound effects on his PTSD symptoms which improved all his other issues, but it wore off after about 8 months. The second injection was completely ineffective. He had been in multiple modalities of therapy and none had helped. He was at this point self medicating with extremely large quantities of weed. He couldn’t be angry if he was stoned so he stayed stoned all the time. That was not something I could live with so we were searching for any option to help our family.

In psychedelic therapy, we found hope. Hope for each of us as individuals, hope for us as a couple to heal old and deep wounds, and hope for our family to be able to stay together. In 2015, we’d done a session of MDMA therapy together and worked through some of the trauma and deeply held feelings about his affair and my general anxiety was relieved tremendously. After that, we tried mushrooms, both alone and together. I think for me, that was the catalyst of the most profound feeling of change, or shift, in my overall mental health and outlook. Then, we heard about Ayahuasca.

Ayahusca is very simply a tea, or brew, made from the vines of banisteriopsis capii and the leaves of chacruna or chaliponga. Other ingredients can be included like mimosa or mapacho depending on the shaman preparing the brew. There is no way of knowing what is in the Aya you drink unless you’ve made it yourself. There is no way of knowing what dose of DMT you will receive. And there is no way of knowing how your body will react to the tea. I don’t want to in any way glamorize this experience. It was horrible but it did bring great change to my mind and my life.  Within the Ayahuasca are psychotropic compounds, dimethyltriptamine (DMT) and harmaline alkaloids with are MAOI inhibitors. DMT is in every living thing on earth and we consume it all the time in microquantities but it is metabolized by monoamine oxidase in our digestive tract. When you injest these compounds orally together, the MAOI inhibitors allow the DMT to pass through the stomach and small intestines unmetabolized into the blood stream.

Once the DMT reaches your brain, the journey begins.