Pour the magic of passion and attention into everything you do.
Don’t think of anything and just be here now while doing every single little action you do. Talking, writing, art, poetry, sex, dreams, love, world, yourself — everything. This is true meditation – to do thing with full attention and passion.

– Qasim Chauhan

#zen #zenthoughtoftheday

How many of us just coast through life, tumbling along with the ups and down, without giving life our full attention? I know I do sometimes. I think of how many hours I wasted watching garbage TV or mindlessly playing video games or hanging out with people who didn’t respect or care about me. I just didn’t care to or know how to give life the attention it needed. How many terrible choices did I make because I wasn’t paying attention? SO. MANY. How many times did I make life harder for myself because I wasn’t being present but was dwelling on the past or overthinking about things that happened or stressing about the future? SO. MANY. SOOOOO much needless suffering.

Our higher selves, Buddha consciousness, God, whatever you want to call it, is always there for us to pay attention, tune in, and really get to living. And that living isn’t always some grand highlight real of events. Washing the fucking dishes can be done with passion and attention. (See Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance or The Green Witch’s Book of Days) The meditation is in the attention to the action and the being of what it is you are doing. Right now, I am attuned to my writing this, for myself, for you, for no one; but I’m writing and I’m thinking of what I want to say and what it makes me feel and that is my mediation for this moment. I am in these words. It seems a little scary and exhausting to stay focused like that all the time, and sometimes we cannot be as focused and as passionate. So, there’s the wabi sabi of it all. We do our best to be present and passionate and attentive, but we are imperfect vessels for our consciousness.

Let your magic bloom within the mundane.