Fundamentally, not one thing exists.

– Huineng

Fundamentally, I couldn’t care less about this zen thought today. Not one thing, but all things exist and don’t exist within their awareness of each other. (See my post There Was a Young Lady Who Swallowed a Book for an example of this IRL.)

I’m feeling a bit too sad to write much today. I am having one of those days that make me question myself to the point of pain, going over all the ‘whys’ in my head and being unsatisfied with the answers.

In writing out the Ayahuasca story, it is hard to not get caught up in some of those feelings still. They were powerful and horrifically messy, and it is easy to get stained with them when opening myself up to those memories. I am relieved that I am only sharing one more post in that series. I still have a bit more to write for the chapter as a whole, but the parts I’m sharing publicly for now are almost done. I will try to be a bit more regimented in my next series. Try, mind you, I make no promises.