Clouds come from time to time– and bring to men a chance to rest from looking at the moon.

– Basho

I have been contemplating on this one since yesterday. I’ve had a season of rest that ended recently and now, I am back to looking at the moon. Looking forward and being watchful can be wearying, if we don’t also watch for the clouds. So like a downy quilt can cover up the sky of our mind, and give pause and peace, and bring cleansing tears like rain, and shelter us from truths too bright to behold without that pause, without adjusting our eyes, so do those clouds comfort. Be thankful for those cloudy days and nights; for the bright moonlight will return and then you can continue to journey onward.

Why is it that when you awake to the world of realities you nearly always feel, sometimes very vividly, that the vanished dream has carried with it some enigma which you have failed to solve?

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

If only…

Look to the moon, rest in the clouds.