Nor love thy life, nor hate;

But what thou liv’st,

Live well, how long or short,

Permit to heav’n.

– John Milton

It takes a long time to understand nothing. – Edward Dahlberg

Once upon a time, a beloved told me he could “innerstand” me, rather than understand, because it was an acknowledgement within him on all planes, rather than just the ground level understanding of the physical world. (I think I fell in love with him that moment. If it was just a line, it was a damned good one to use on me.)

I’ve often thought on this innerstanding, the zero point to knowledge and being. I feel a flicker of it, when I look at my children, when I work in the garden or walk in the woods, when I share a hug with someone I love, when I see the pain of age in another’s movement, when I hear the spectrum of emotion expressed in music, or art, or life, sweet life. The golden threads around my heart get tugged to remind me of my deepest knowing, we are not alone.