So this one time I got pissed off at this guy I was seeing and wrote a “slam poem”

It’s pretty hilarious and juvenile but was oh, so satisfying to write out and also, pretty satisfying to spit, TBH.

Lying Bodhiboy
His third eye
A turd eye
Cuz thats how
Full of it
Full of shit
Bk- Lyn
From Staten Island
Down to Costa Rican
He boasts
“Heal thy Self”
Bro code, check urself
I’m “your Green goddess”
While you’re a mess
Projecting jealousy,
Insecure, face booking
Drama where
No drama is there
All made up, you see
Things not there with your OCD
Mind so open like a blank book page
All it takes is YouTubers to write your story
You think knowledge is power
And you give all yours away.
Hide in your shell
Be fake, go to hell
I’m for reals
I had the feels
I fell
In your trap
Not tripped in trap houses.
Like your beats
I’m played.
You gave me earbola
For the sound of your voice
Your accent, Brooklyn boy
Not good mawrning.
Good night
Free your mind
Good bye
I’m done crying
Over bk-L. Y. N.

So much pointless drama and heartache. He was dead sexy though, I will give him that.