Only awareness can make reality and only what’s real can become a dream and only from a dream, can you wake to the light.” — Acid Guide via Bardo Thodol

I don’t think this quote is actually from Bardo Thodol. In fact, I searched it pretty extensively and never found it. But, this quote is in Mad Men and on this episode they are tripping on acid and someone says this and that it is from Bardo Thodol, The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

I took this picture one morning last week as I was leaving for work. I wasn’t quite sure my little phone camera would do it justice, but it came close.

I’ve taken a break from social media but I’m going to still write here. I took a break from here and realized I was on social media too much, consuming too much junk, engaging with too many negative and toxic people so, I’m trying to flip it. Everyone here seems much more positive, more authentic, more real.

I am aware that anyone who engages here could actually be a completely fake or anonymous identity. But, at least we are creating something, not just passing around memes and junky ideas. I hope I am, anyway.

So, back to this quote and this glorious sunrise. I found this quote not in Mad Men, but in a song, “Only From A Dream”, from an artist called Canti. You can listen to it here. I hope you like it!