The hermit doesn’t sleep at night;

In love with the blue of the vacant moon.

The cool of the breeze

That rustles the trees

Rustles him too.

– Ching An

I can relate to this hermit. I am an insomniac and also sort of in love with the moon. There is just something about watching her grow through the sky, night by night. I like to moon bathe when it is clear and warm. When it is clear and cold, I like to bundle up with my hot tea and slippers and count the stars. It’s the perfect time to meditate, when the world is quiet and sleeping. I had a lover once who would tease me for my full moon fever. He said he would know it was the full moon because I would be up all night painting and writing, sending him photos of the moon and clouds, writing him little bits of poetry. The moon makes me restless, like the breeze in the trees. It rustles my soul and whispers to me about our shared dreams.