Nothing is lost or wasted in this life.

– The Bhagavad Gita

My friend and I were talking about death the other day, as one does. I was thinking about how differently I feel about death now, versus when I was religious. Even when I was a Christian I had a great fear of death and the afterlife. Honestly, I really hated the idea of having to sing the eternal praises of god. That just… didn’t seem that great. We get to live a short mortal life filled with free will and then an eternity praising The Most High for the little drops of freedom he gave us? OR, we make the wrong choices and have to suffer for eternity for the free will to do as we please, even if doing as we please means being a good person to EVERYONE, even those people you disagree with, and not forcing people to believe as you believe, and wearing poly-cotton blends. Eternity is a really horrible sounding thing in both instances, in my opinion.

Studying physics and time makes the concept of eternity both more and less fathomable. As time stretches out into the universe, and slows down without gravity and bends around planets and stars and black holes it all gets a little…. fuzzy. So, too, does eternity and maybe even existence.

In physics we also know that all matter will always exist, it just changes states. Consciousness however, cannot be measured in atoms or ions. It is metaphysical and one supposes, can cease Being. What a tremendous relief.