the distant mountain

reflected in his eyes…



I need to name a new chapter today. Years are reflecting in my eyes.

Year 37 was beautiful, glorious, hard, painful, exquisite, boring, dynamic, life. Everything changed. Then, it changed again, and again.

I started naming years after my ex husband and I separated.

Chapter 34: A Life of YES

Chapter 35: Many Tears and Hotel Sex

Chapter 36: I Don’t Know What The Fuck I’m Doing But, It’s FUN!

And now, Chapter 37 ends and needs a title…

Chapter 37: The Only Thing I Know About Life – It Goes On (courtesy of Robert Frost)? Nah, too cliche.

Chapter 37: Ch-ch-ch-changes ….Bowie would approve… but no.

Chapter 37: The Pendulum Steadies … maybe. Maybe it has. It’s still swinging, but at the moment I can see a steady rhythm to it. Life is just going on. And on. And on. Not too fast, not too crazy, not too slow, or too predictably. Just life, doing its thing. How about

Chapter 37: The Pendulum Swings Sanely.

It isn’t much of a Crazy Isn’t Part Time life that I live now. Life is good. Some days are hard, some things still need healing, but over all, the only crazy things in my life are social media and the news. The people in my circle are level, loving, logical, healthy. My kids are fan-fucking-tastic. I can handle the stressors that are thrown my way and I’ve made some serious gains on all levels.

Plans for Chapter 38:

Running/walking 10 miles per day (up to 4 regularly, 6-7 occasionally, slow and steady)

Spartan Races with my kids. The first one is next month! So exciting!!!

Christmas with mes mignonnes in NYC. I’m taking them on a trip, just the 3 of us, to someplace we all want to explore.

Debt Fucking FREEEEEE, I’m working on a post about this because it was a HUGE hurdle in the Crazy Isn’t Part Time life I used to live.

Vacation in Paris with my mom and kids. Yes, for real. I study French and German daily, I am going to take my kids to Paris. Bougie AF and I don’t even care.

Finishing my AA degree. This scares me to death.

Heavy contemplation of a Bachelors… in what? I dunno. No clue. Just throwing it out there. Too scary to contemplate right now.

Finish writing Crazy Isn’t Part Time. It is written, so shall it be done.

Write daily (ok, I’m doing this mostly already, I just don’t share. So maybe that should be…) WITHOUT FEAR OF SHARING

More YES



More you, more me.

Happy birthday to all my birthday twins out there! Have some cake and coffee or champagne or whatever your heart desires. I’m craving steak so that’s what I’m having to celebrate myself.

Celebrate yourself, today and always,